Just their cup of tea …

Is there a tea lover on your list? Of course there is – or there will soon be if you wrap up your holiday shopping with a gift from Lotus Farm to Table in Media, PA.  The restaurant, known for its fresh approach to cooking and its extensive tea list, offers a variety of wonderful options at prices that are anything but (a-hem!) steep.

Take the beautiful glass teapot, available for under $25. The clear glass lets the recipient see what’s inside – and lets everyone know when the tea is brewed just right.  Or give a sampling of Lotus’s fabulous hand rolled teas for every mood. Like Happy Tea, a clear green brew with a hint of mint and a whisper of lavender. Beauty Secret is an amber selection, blended with oolong, redolent of fresh cassis, and reputed to be good for the complexion.  Charm Tea is lemony and light. And if you really want to make someone smile, give one of Lotus’s flowering teas – gorgeous when the blossoms open up inside the clear teapot. Gee, we wish we were on your holiday list!

Lotus Farm to Table is located at 112 West State Street in Media, PA 19061. 610.565.5554.

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