Nectar’s St. Patrick’s Day Feast

Inspired by his Irish heritage, Chef Patrick Feury has put a decidedly modern spin on some traditional Irish dishes to be featured on his St. Patrick’s Day menu at his usually Asian inspired Nectar Restaurant in Berwyn.  The a la carte menu will be available from Friday, March 11th through Thursday, March 17th, in addition to the restaurant’s regular fare.

From its 18’ soaring silk screen Buddha tapestry to its hopping urban chic bar, one step inside the David Rockwell designed restaurant and you’ll feel more like you’re dining in Manhattan than on Philadelphia’s Main Line.  Chef Feury’s menu is created from sustainable seafood, farm raised meats and fresh ingredients, all locally grown.

Nectar’s St. Patrick’s Day Menu

North Atlantic Fish Stew, Clams, Mussels, Haddock, Scallop with Soda Bread

Steamed Mussels, Fists of Feury, Thyme, Garlic

Chilled Atlantic Sea Food

Twinning’s Irish Breakfast Tea Smoked, Organic Irish Salmon, Pickled Herring, Smoked Mackerel, Pickled Cucumber Salad,

Roasted Quail, Cabbage Stuffed Foie Gras, Bacon Stewed Leeks

Corned Goose, Brazed Root Vegetables, Fresh Baked Potato Bread

Roasted Twinning’s Irish Breakfast Tea Smoked Organic Irish Salmon, Puree Parsnips, Caramelized Sprouts

Organic Jamison Farm Lamb Shank, Rose Mary Carrots, Wiped Potatoes, Limerick Farm House Butter

Wolf Neck Natural Beef Rib Eye, Scott Irish Pudding, Spinach Gratin

Pecan Bread Pudding, Jamison Carmel Ice Cream

Nectar is located 1091 Lancaster Ave. Berwyn, PA. For reservations, call  610.725.9000 or log onto

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