Chef Patrick Feury on Fox – tips for your turkey this Thanksgiving

The talented Chef Patrick Feury, of Nectar in Berwyn, appeared on Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia this morning sharring helpful tips on how to best prepare your turkey this Thanksgiving. Here’s a few tips he has for you:

Tip #1: Cook the Turkey until it’s 140 degrees internally when you pull it out it will carry over and keep cooking.

Tip #2: Patrick likes to Brine the turkey which seasons it all the way through

Tip #3: Don’t carve as soon as it comes out of the over, let it sit at least 15 minutes.

Tip #4: When carve the turkey take breast off and then start slicing. Take the breast off by slicing it the short way.

He also has two suggestions for delicious sides that will compliment your Thanksgiving Day feast:

Side #1: Crispy brussels sprouts, dusted with an aged cheese, fry in olive oil then finish with lemon, sea salt and cheese.

Side #2:  Turnip gratin with cream, cheese, rosemary, truffles and roast like a potato.

As you can see, the Fox 29 team loved Patrick’s early Thanksgiving Day treat as they dug right in the plate he prepared for them!

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