Pet Valu Animal Food and Supply Drive

Pet Valu is working hard to lessen the burden for shelters and struggling pet owners who need supplies to properly care for, and provide a healthy life for their furry companions. Help our four-legged friends and the people who own them, by donating leashes and collars so pets can be safely walked, toys for training and stimulating playful and social lives, beds and coats to keep warm, canned and dry food, or monetary donations to help shelters purchase supplies most needed.

Pet Valu is dedicating the month of November to generate awareness and collect food and supplies for local impoverished families and shelters. All supplies donated through Pet Valu will benefit Philadoptables, Baltimore Area Rescue and Care Shelter, Thankful Paws, Hurricane Sandy victims, and other local shelters in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.Help Pet Valu make a difference in the lives of people and animals this Holiday season through your much appreciated generosity.

Pet Valu stores make it easy to support animal shelters. While shopping for your pet, drop an item or two in the collection box next to the door on your way out! These collection boxes are available for donations all year round and truly go a long way to help shelter and animals without a home. For a store nearest to you, visit

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