Two-Day Workshop for Professional Chefs

Hey chefs,

Have you achieved some acclaim in your restaurant? Are you stuck in “hometown hero” plateau? Would you consider writing a book but you’re lost translating what you do to a national platform? Well, we have a program for you. It’s a Cookbook Boot Camp. This intensive two-day workshop is being led by acclaimed Southern food writers/siblings Matt and Ted Lee. And since this is the inaugural workshop, the price is right. If you can get in to the January class, you might be able to enjoy the low introductory rate of $750.

We love this program. It’s a great idea presented by a couple of serious food writers. Let us know if you’d like to know more. Space is limited to 12 and you have to sign up by December 13th to be considered. There will be another session in July, but it will cost more. So if you are interested, let us know and we’ll send you more information. Just email Tina Breslow at


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