Have Tail Will Travel

Passport, check. Hat, check. Sunscreen, check. Fido, oh no! Traveling with your family this season, but don’t know how to take your four legged friend? Pet Valu is available to help with some exciting and safe products for whatever your destination is!


A harness is the perfect way to keep your pet secured while driving

Car Trip
Loading up the family car and hitting the road is great for a weekend trip but it can be very taxing on your pet. Safety, comes first in car travel so make sure to invest in a car harness or hammock for your dog. Smaller dogs can fit into seat belt harnesses, like the Kurgo Travel Harness. This safe and tug proof harness keeps your dog connected to a seatbelt to protect against shortstops or sharp turns. For bigger dogs we recommend a seat hammock like the Kurgo Khaki Hammock. These hammocks allow for big dogs to stretch out and prevents them from falling into spaces between seat rows.


A mesh carrier is perfect for under the seat

Airplane and Train
While car trips are always easier on animals, sometimes you just have to fly. It is important to remember when traveling by air or rail that pets need space and a constant supply of water. Carriers need to be large enough so that your pet can comfortably sit, stand, and turn around throughout the trip. Smaller animals like cats and small dogs will be allowed to slip underneath your seat. For under the seat we recommend a mesh carrier like the One For Pets Carriers- Cozy Carrier. Bigger dogs will be put in the cargo area of most planes and trains, allowing for much larger crates. Each airline has individual requirements, but we recommend the Vari Kennel 700 by Petmate for larger animals.

No matter how you get to your destination, it is important to call ahead to check on your hotel or locations pet policy. Also check with your airline, rental car provider, or railroad for their complete pet policy. Keep your pet safe and secure while traveling, so the entire family can enjoy a season full of adventure and fun. To find a Petvalu store near you visit. www.petvalu.com.

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