When Hai Street Kitchen decided to open their first U.S. Japanese burrito eatery in Philadelphia, they called Breslow Partners. They wanted to build buzz and create anticipation before the first diner stepped in the door. The fast casual brand was unlike anything else in the city. The company’s goal was to launch the restaurant in Philadelphia near Rittenhouse Square and to kick off the opening by inviting the first 300 people to cash in on an offer for a complimentary burrito. Breslow Partners devised a publicity campaign that blitzed the local media. We knew we had done something right when we saw lines wrapping around the block on opening day.

To capitalize on the growing excitement, a social media campaign was put in place to help distribute fresh information and reach a larger demographic. To keep the marketing consistent, Breslow created a brand voice around the hashtag #GetHai. We invited food bloggers and Instagrammers to discover Hai Street and share their experience with their followers.

As the social media stratosphere exploded, we continued to engage our followers with photo contests, as well as featuring fan photos on our Instagram page and putting the photos on display in the restaurant. The success of the launch led Hai Street to open a second location in University City, with plans for more locations on the drawing board. As the company expands, Breslow Partners continues to create news hooks and strategies to attract new patrons. The relationship between the two companies becomes bonded by the success.