Nectar Chef Patrick Feury had been collaborating with the dairy farmers of Chester County for years. It’s what inspired him to get certified as a cheesemaker. Patrick immersed himself in thinking, dreaming, eating, and creating artisan farmstead cheeses from area goats, cows and sheep. And Breslow Partners was able to promote Patrick’s skill. We named him The Cheese Whiz. He did a demo dinner at Audrey Claire’s COOK, hosted cheese tastings with Madame Fromage, hosted Chester County Dairy Farm Tours and a Cheese Lovers Dinner at the James Beard House in New York City. And rather than shining the spotlight on himself, Patrick decided to pay tribute to all the farmers in the region. To accompany this multi-course extravaganza, the chef recruited his friends from Victory Beer. Also located in Chester County, Patrick knew Victory would be able to match each dish to a complementary brew. Patrick had stepped out of his kitchen with a hands-on approach to cultivating relationsh ips with the land, farms and bounty available outside his window in Chester County and by bringing attention to the dairy, produce and animal farms located between Lancaster and Philadelphia. We were able to build his reputation as a cheese artisan. The Beard event was a sell out despite the threat of a snowstorm and the critical reviews were more like raves. As we continue to move forward with Patrick, we will continue to promote the local farmers of Chester County.