Local Company Bottles Happiness and Sells it by the Jar

Little Love Jar serves to help people see the positive in life- their jars are always more than half full. The mission of this budding company is twofold: “Collect Love. Spread Joy.” This local couple is determined to make the world better.

Through their simple online shop, the couple has ​created a fun and simple way to give the gift of love to someone special. Ordering a jar is easy through their website. There, invite friends and family to submit personalized messages. Messages are then hand-cut, placed in a​ jar that is wrapped up in style, and sent straight to your loved one’s door. Little Love Jars are a humbling and inspiring way to let someone know the difference they have made in your life.

More than a growing company, Little Love Jar is a movement, and they need your help! They have created a kickstarter for Little Love Jar and hope to raise $50,000 by Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

By combining technology and tender loving care, Little Love Jar is the place to effortlessly spread joy to a loved one with a gift filled with positivity. See how simple, yet powerful a love note can be. Visit http://www.littlelovejar.com.

Watch Little Love Jar on FYI Philly right here!


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