Vietnam Café’s Pho-nomenal Lunch Special

Vietnam Restaurant and Café announce a new lunch promotion. For only $15, guests can enjoy three courses of some of Vietnam’s tastiest and most popular dishes! The first course includes light starters like their Veggie Spring Rolls, Vietnamese Ravioli, Chicken Papaya Salad, and more. For the second course, guests can choose from options like the classic Spring Roll Vermicelli, Lemongrass Chicken, Chicken Pad Thai, and everything in between. And finally, a refreshing dessert course of either green tea or mint chip ice cream rounds out this amazing deal.

35095830646_beaea24d60_o (1)Stop by the Vietnam Café in University City or Vietnam Restaurant in Chinatown to take advantage of this special, and be sure to visit their website for a closer look at their expansive menu!

Vietnam Restaurant and Café can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

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