There's more to good publicity than splashing your name all over town. To help your business grow, positioning your company is as important as the media we target. The message must be carefully crafted, and that's what we do.

We maintain the highest ethics to preserve and increase our credibility. The media trusts us: when we give them a story, it's not just a spin. We built our reputation on understanding what the media wants. That understanding has made us a key source to many members of this esteemed group. It's a commonplace occurrence for a journalist to call us for help with a story.

You want more customers? Who doesn't?! But how do you reach them? You could stand on a street corner and hand out flyers. You could invest your life savings in a swanky advertising campaign. Or you could do what we do: market directly to your target audience and spread your message through word-of-mouth.

Breslow Partners analyzes your current customer base and marketing efforts in order to understand what worked and what didn't. We then identify new goals, develop strategies and create an action plan just for you. Our team identifies your prospects and goes after them with gusto while consistently evaluating results in order to build for success in the future. 

We design customized marketing materials including brochures, newsletters, email campaigns and websites to reach your consumers quickly and efficiently. If your business is located near an untapped market, we create a localized special promotion to attract those people. We might host a cocktail reception, offer promotions or find ways for you to interact and build relationships with new customers.

Product & Service Rollouts
The first thing we do is market research, learning all there is to know about you, your product and/or business. We identify your audience, discover what makes you different from the competition and use it to craft your message. Then we promote!

Breslow Partners is renowned for building buzz. Whether we place features stories, design a direct mail campaign, produce a special event or promotion, or combine any of the above, our goal is to make prospects hungry to know more about you. 

Then, it's about building momentum by continuing to create new promotions that attract new customers and keep the others coming back. We see to it that the "new kid on the block" grows into an old favorite.

Special Events
We look at events two ways. First, we build interest and anticipation to promote the event. Then, we identify media that will experience the event and feature it after the fact. These stories help to position your business with long-term benefits.

We know how to throw a party! We’ve done so many of every shape, size and style. But our events are never frivolous. We fill a room with VIPs for the grand opening of a new restaurant. We gather the crème de la crème of the social and culinary worlds for a fundraiser. We bring together prospective customers for a product-line roll out. And when we do, we make sure that every detail is treated like it’s the most important — from the invitations to the auctioneer, the chafing dishes to the charity, the press corps to the program book.

Community Outreach

Breslow Partners will create a strategy to partner with organizations that share your target markets and philosophies, forging mutually beneficial relationships.

Social Media

Social media has the power to influence consumers in ways like never before. Don’t get left behind -- let our team of social media specialist enhance your brand visibility and help to build connections with your target audience. Stay on top of the trends and let our team help you:

  • Develop social media strategies
  • Create interactive content
  • Develop connections with social media influencers
  • Build community relations
  • Promote new products
  • Monitor and analyze social media traffic