Take a Bottle, Give a Bottle

k0062627The “give a penny, take a penny” concept has always been a good one. And one afternoon, Chef Michael Falcone stared the penny tray in the face and wondered if the same idea would work with bottles of wine in his restaurant, Funky Lil’ Kitchen.

Falcone’s “Take a Wine, Give a Wine” endeavor solves the problem of forgotten bottles of wine for those with last minute dinner plans or customers who don’t realize that the restaurant is a BYO.

Find yourself craving a nice bottle of pinot noir to go with your short ribs? No need to worry. Choose a bottle from Chef Falcone’s selection to enjoy with your meal. Just be sure to reciprocate the kindness with a bottle the next time you come.

Funky Lil’ Kitchen is located at 232 King Street in Pottstown, 610-326-7400; www.funkylilkitchen.com.

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