How Many Breslow Partners Does it Take to Cook a Turkey?

The Answer: 3Picture 1

It takes one to actually do the cooking, and two consultants to advise along the way.

With all the collective knowledge, wisdom, wives tales and even scientific approaches to cooking a turkey, there are many ways to cook the most iconic meal of the year.

When Tina won a 13lb turkey at the supermarket last week, she decided to cook it right away. Her culinary consultants (who work as an intern and publicity specialist respectively), advised her with all the tricks you usually hear around Thanksgiving. It was like having the Butter Ball Turkey Hotline right in the office with a dash of Alton Brown and Martha Stewart thrown in for good measure!

The turkey was roasted upside down first, that way the breast wouldn’t cook before the rest of the bird was done. The Turkey was then flipped over and the breast shielded with some aluminum foil to prevent it from getting too brown while the rest of the bird got nice and crispy. There was a pool of broth in the roasting pan that served to keep it moist. The temperature of the oven was carefully monitored, and when the turkey was the loveliest shade of golden brown all over, we took it out, let it rest and waited upon the verdict.

We all know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen, but this time, it was not to be true. It was tender, succulent and falling off the bone. Breslow Partners wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! Good luck with your turkey!