A Sweet Mother’s Day Surprise from Nomoo Cookies

A Sweet Mother’s Day Surprise from Nomoo Cookies

spring sweets boxMoms can be tricky to shop for. When you ask them what they want as a gift, oftentimes they respond with something inanimate, like happiness. It would be nice to be able to buy happiness, but unfortunately we cannot, so we must forge on in search of another idea. There is one gift everyone is excited to receive, and more than excited to use; FOOD! However, given a hectic schedule, hassle of the grocery store, and high potential you could mess this up, obtaining this gift isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, we looked for an appropriate solution to the predicament and found a solution in Nomoo Cookie Company. Nomoo Cookie Company offers delicious, dairy-free and vegan cookies that are soft and chewy, with flavors so perfectly balanced they could be in Cirque du Soleil.

Nomoo has created a Spring Sweets Box with your mother in mind, including a dozen cookies in three handcrafted flavors. The first of this holy trinity is the Lovely Lemon Berry, a sandwich cookie boasting a layer of flavorful organic strawberry jam cuddled between two crisp and zesty lemon cookies. Next up, we have the Crazy Nutty Coco which is a chocolate cookie with candied and salted almonds nestled throughout. Last, but certainly not least, your gift box will include a Baby Vanilla Angel Food Cake, a bite sized take on the classic dessert.

And for those of you who want to go above and beyond this Mother’s Day, we’ve come up with several quick and easy ways to dress up your cookies and give your mom a semi-homemade treat.

  • Loco for Coco Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich: Scoop some of your favorite dairy free ice cream onto a Loco for Coco, then sandwich it with another cookie. Cookietastic!
  • Strawberry Lemon Cheesecake: Mix 8 oz of Vegan Cream cheese with 3/4 cup of powdered sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Dip in with a Lovely Lemon Berry!
  • Baby Angel Food Cake with Berries and Coconut Whipped Cream: Grab a handful of your favorite fruit (strawberries, peaches, blueberries) cut them into slices, and toss them in a pan over medium heat until simmered into their own syrupy goodness. Add your berry mix to a Baby Angel Food Cake, top with a dollop of dairy-free Coconut Whipped Cream, and enjoy!

After you’re ready to retire as a pasty chef, you and mom can share the leftover cookies over coffee and some conversation. Happy Mother’s Day!

Case Study: Introducing Hai Street Kitchen to National Media

Hai Street Kitchen & Co. Takes Over the Big Apple



In the fall of 2015, Urbanspace invited Hai Street Kitchen & Co. to join pop-up market Broadway Bites, a seasonal market that provides popular chefs, small culinary businesses, and local artisans with an environment to showcase their wares. On Monday, October 5, 2015, HSKC opened at Broadway Bites in Greeley Square Park, NYC. This was Hai Street’s first location in New York City and we used this opportunity to gain publicity. We developed a PR campaign designed to accomplish two goals. First, we wanted to share the news of Hai Street opening in NYC and second, we wanted to turn national media attention on HSKC and their sushi burrito.

To maximize our objectives we used a few different strategies. We first reached out to notable local reporters and social media influencers. We invited them to join us at Broadway Bites, where they were introduced to the concept of Hai Street Kitchen and could try their first sushi burrito. Our next step was to facilitate media drops. The media drops were designed to place our product in front of national publications to spark their interest and gain publicity. Our third tactic was to connect with national and local television producers to pitch stories on Hai Street Kitchen,

During this campaign, we successfully introduced  Hai Street to editors at Yahoo!, Delish.com, Esquire, and GQ Magazine. We were able to form relationships with these outlets, which allowed us to execute media drops and put Hai Street sushi burritos in front of dozens of national reporters. These opportunities led to multiple social media posts by publications and editors. In addition, we placed stories in amNY and Food Republic about the Broadway Bites and Hai Street Kitchen opening. Due to our efforts, Hai Street Kitchen was featured in over 30 different local foodie Instagram accounts. Screenshot_2015-12-29-12-19-44

We also reached out to a number of TV producers in New York. One connection lead to a media drop, which led to Hai Street Kitchen chef’s performing a sushi burrito rolling demonstration for all of the Today Show producers. The staff at the Today Show loved the Hai Street brand and saw the potential for a Hai Street Kitchen segment on the show.
The Hai Street Kitchen & Co. and Broadway Bites was a six week campaign that targeted national and local media with a two part goal: first, share the opening of HSKC in Broadway Bites and second, introduce the HSKC brand on a national platform. The campaign resulted in several news hits, dozens of social media posts, and many new connections with media in the New York City and national market.

#GetHai in NYC with HSKC’s Sushi Burritos

Hai Street Kitchen in NYC for Broadway BitesHai Street Visits Manhattan

Hai Street Kitchen & Co, has hit the road! Now until Friday, November 13, 2015, we are happy to announce that HSKC is on location in the Big Apple. Now all you New Yorkers will have a chance to see how Philadelphia likes to #GetHai with Hai Street’s wide selection of Japanese-inspired sushi burritos.

Find HSKC at Broadway Bites

We’re so excited for Hai Street Kitchen’s first-time appearance at Broadway Bites. If you’re not familiar with #BwayBites, this seasonal pop-up market is taking place at Greeley Square Park (33rd Street & Broadway.) This event rounds up some of New York City’s most popular chefs and restaurants at one exciting outdoor location. But don’t worry, Hai Street is no stranger to the pop-up scene as a local participant in Rittenhouse Row Festival and OutFest.

For more information, be sure to check out the great amNewYork’s review on HSKC in New York.

Authentic Japanese Breakfast by Genji Sushi Bars

Screen shot 2015-08-25 at 2.41.15 PM

Japanese Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at Whole Foods

Genji, a premier provider of sushi in the U.S. & the U.K, is now serving breakfast, in addition to lunch and dinner, at the Whole Foods in NYC’s Columbus Circle. The company has sushi counters in most Whole Foods Market stores, but breakfast is only served in their Time Warner store. Check it out between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. any morning.

What Genji’s Serving at Whole Foods

You can enjoy an authentic Japanese breakfast, complete with a steaming bowl of miso soup, some dusky kale with sesame seeds, root vegetables, a piece of classic tamago (egg) omelet, grilled fish (either mackerel or salmon), steamed rice and a cluster of tangy pickles that are all artistically plated and oh-so-delicious. So, if you happen to be in the Big Apple, stop by the Whole Foods at 10 Columbus Circle. 

Tasting at The Tail!


Heaven Hill Whiskey Tasting at The Twisted Tail

Looking for something fun to do? The Twisted Tail will be hosting a Heaven Hill whiskey tasting on Thursday, July 30, from 7 to 9 pm.

Stop by to taste Elijah Craig 12 year, Rittenhouse Rye, Bernheim Wheat Whiskey, Evan Williams Single Barrel, and Larceny.

Tickets for this event are $30 each and are available for purchase now, either online, by phone, or at the door. Don’t miss this exclusive event!

The Twisted Tail, located in Headhouse Square at 509 South 2nd Street, is open Sunday through Saturday for lunch, dinner, late night fun, and weekend brunch. For hours and reservations, visit thetwistedtail.com or call 215.558.2471.

My Time at Breslow Partners: An Intern’s Exit Interview

After five months with Breslow Partners, Senior Intern Hannah Dickey says her goodbyes. Before departing, Hannah offers a reflection on her experience at Breslow Partners.

“Boy, time sure does fly by quickly. Just a short time ago I was stepping through the doors of Breslow in polyester professional pants and my roommate’s borrowed shirt to interview at a place I had heard about through a shared Facebook post. It’s been a transformative process, mostly because of the open-mindedness waiting for me on the other side of those doors. At the beginning, I was a journalism major with no field experience. I entered an industry I knew nothing about, but with nothing to lose, I had the willingness to learn as much as I could. The dynamic environment of Breslow harbored a place for growth where I could acquire genuine experience, and I got out of it what I put into it.

Far from an expert, I am barely touching the surface of the world of public relations, but I have learned a few key things. For one, this business is all about collaboration and relationships. It’s important to maintain the correct ones with productive communication, and bid adieu to unsustainable ones. I have also learned if you truly desire for something to occur, you have to push yourself and your peers for it to be accomplished.

My time as a Account Assistant at Breslow has come to an end. I am leaving behind a diverse group of skilled professionals, who are aware of the world around them and not afraid to question it. I have been fortunate to work with competent, energetic and passionate people, and that itself has been the catalyst of my own success.”

“All the wonders you seek are within yourself.”

Wanna be an intern? We’re always looking for passionate, creative people. If you are interested in participating in the internship program at Breslow Partners, please submit a cover letter and resumé to Jennifer Mansfield: careers  AT  b r e s l o w p a r t n e r s . c o m

Runners, take your mark!

Picture 1This year an estimated 30,000 runners will travel to Philadelphia to participate in the 20 Annual Philadelphia Marathon and Half-Marathon on Sunday, November 17. The key to a healthy and successful long distance run is proper diet and nutrition. The best meal for a marathon participant consists of protein, good fats, and plenty of carbohydrates! Here are some great spots to chow down before the big day.

Le Viet is a modern Vietnamese restaurant that uses only freshest ingredients to energize you on race day! Tuck into traditional noodle soups or pack on the protein with Ca Hap Hanh Gung. This steamed fish dish is prepared with ginger soy sauce, herbs, fresh lettuce, and completed with your choice of rice or noodles. For more information click here.

Head over to Miles Table for the perfect place to satisfy your pre-race cravings! Breakfast is served all day so enjoy one of their loaded bagel platters or fuel up with a customized omelet. Add Miles sriracha turkey sausage or red pepper home fries to your meal for that extra kick you’ll need on race day! For more information click here.

For a more traditional pre-marathon meal, London Grill has just what you need to get across the finish line! Try their seasonal risotto or daily pasta creations to fill up on those much-needed carbs. Or order the brick chicken with crispy priello potatoes for a tasty meal that’s full of protein. For more information click here.

Festivities kick off on Friday, November 15 and continue through Sunday, November 17 with events for every type of runner. Check out the website for race schedule and family activities. Best of luck to all of the runners!

Celebrate National Taco Day with this Vietnamese Taco

Mexican and Vietnamese – a combination one does not normally come across, but when the two cultures meet, it makes for one tantalizing taco experience!  Le Viet restaurant is offering a special dish in honor of National Taco Day Friday, October 4.

8679858683_ca066098cb_oOffered all day from 11 am to 10 pm, Le Viet is featuring a new zesty Taco Mex plate; this comes with two tacos for just $7. These tacos pair great with $3 Coronas or $5 Margaritas. These delicious tacos with a Vietnamese flair will make you loco for seconds!

Le Viet is located at 1019 S. 11th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147 and is open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Call today 215.463.1570 or visit www.levietrestaurant.com to book your reservation.

Have Tail Will Travel

Passport, check. Hat, check. Sunscreen, check. Fido, oh no! Traveling with your family this season, but don’t know how to take your four legged friend? Pet Valu is available to help with some exciting and safe products for whatever your destination is!


A harness is the perfect way to keep your pet secured while driving

Car Trip
Loading up the family car and hitting the road is great for a weekend trip but it can be very taxing on your pet. Safety, comes first in car travel so make sure to invest in a car harness or hammock for your dog. Smaller dogs can fit into seat belt harnesses, like the Kurgo Travel Harness. This safe and tug proof harness keeps your dog connected to a seatbelt to protect against shortstops or sharp turns. For bigger dogs we recommend a seat hammock like the Kurgo Khaki Hammock. These hammocks allow for big dogs to stretch out and prevents them from falling into spaces between seat rows.


A mesh carrier is perfect for under the seat

Airplane and Train
While car trips are always easier on animals, sometimes you just have to fly. It is important to remember when traveling by air or rail that pets need space and a constant supply of water. Carriers need to be large enough so that your pet can comfortably sit, stand, and turn around throughout the trip. Smaller animals like cats and small dogs will be allowed to slip underneath your seat. For under the seat we recommend a mesh carrier like the One For Pets Carriers- Cozy Carrier. Bigger dogs will be put in the cargo area of most planes and trains, allowing for much larger crates. Each airline has individual requirements, but we recommend the Vari Kennel 700 by Petmate for larger animals.

No matter how you get to your destination, it is important to call ahead to check on your hotel or locations pet policy. Also check with your airline, rental car provider, or railroad for their complete pet policy. Keep your pet safe and secure while traveling, so the entire family can enjoy a season full of adventure and fun. To find a Petvalu store near you visit. www.petvalu.com.

Serving the Hangover Cure for Philly’s Beer Week

PBWPhilly Beer Fest Week is in full swing. We’ve seen some suggestions on how to best prepare for the festival and how to survive all 10 days, but the biggest struggle is to get back up on the bar stool after the incidental beer-fest-hangovers.

Your first thought in the morning is “food” or “never again” – maybe both. But the best hangover cure is to get some good grub into that upset tummy of yours. So if you’re looking for a spot to grab some cheap eats, that’s convenient and serves a deliciously wholesome meal, then we have a few recommendations for you. These places all serve the perfect hangover cure.

If you’re in the Graduate Hospital Neighborhood, stop by Miles Table (1620 South Street) for some generous sized, yet inexpensive entrees that are sure to satisfy everyone. A variety a breakfast items, juicy burgers, warm flatbreads and large salads only compliment the casual, counter service eatery. With free wifi, you can sit for a while, let yourself digest and enjoy a cup of LaColombe’s robust coffee also served on ice to combat the suppressing heat. Miles Table opens at 8 am seven days a week. Visit milestable.com.

BeerOr if you’re on the Parkway by the Barnes Foundation, you’re in for a real hang over treat! The recently opened Lox, Stock & Barrel (2001 Hamilton Street) is the perfect place to munch on, well, nearly anything! As a diner, deli and bar, they have it all. From breakfast entrees to truly Jewish deli meats assembled into mouthwatering creations and all the comfort foods and dinner would offer, Lox, Stock & Barrel is definitely a place to nurse the energy back into your system!

And some people simply get a craving for nibbling on a variety of different bites. For a definite inexpensive and filling experience, Le Viet (1019 South 11th Street) offers several dishes perfect for sharing and sampling the many rich flavors of their modern interpretations of classical Vietnamese cuisine. A must is always the Le Viet Slider that comes with your choice of grilled beef, pork, chicken or shrimp nestled between a steamed bun with carrots, scallion, cucumber and hoisin sauce. Le Viet is open every day from 11 am to 10 pm. Check them out at Levietrestaurant.com

We believe the morning after can be just as fun as the night before… okay, not as much fun, but a filling meal is much deserved after a night out and will get you ready for the next round!  Be safe, be adventurous and try new things and we’ll see you at the next bar!