When Bloggers Seafood, They Eat It!

We recently hosted a group of bloggers at Phillips Seafood Restaurant in Atlantic City and this is what one of them had to say…

John and Lisa are Eating in South Jersey

John and I had our first experience at Phillips many years ago at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. The seafood was tops, it was located right on the water, and was a great place to eat once you exhausted the (albeit wonderful) possibilities of brown paper-covered tables and wooden mallets. A few years ago, when Phillips first opened at The Pier in Atlantic City, we decided to check it out, to see if it was the same. While the quality of the seafood was still very good, the attention to detail in the prep was not: sand and grit materialized in our mouths while we were trying to enjoy the shellfish. When you live at the Jersey Shore and have over a gazillion seafood places to choose from, you might choose to avoid that in the future. So, sadly, we never made our way back.

Last Wednesday, Phillips beckoned to us again.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_lt08knU6nP0/S_vqDlQ-5LI/AAAAAAAABP4/pvEyZ9YcFos/s1600/Phillips+dinner+004.jpgWell, actually, we were invited to be treated (re: a disclosure, this was offered to us gratis) to a special food blogger’s dinner that showcased Phillips’s shellfish. As we had already exhausted the babysitting grandparents the previous week, it was my turn to fly solo for the blog. In addition to being offered a plethora of seafood, I was thrilled to share it with some of our favorite blogger friends (Lisa from Jersey Girl Cooks and Alex of A Food Coma) and to make a few new friends in the process (Erin of No Love More Sincere and Elaine of Elle Eats) . Read more.

Celebrating 25 Years of Lip Service!

We’re coming up on a big milestone. On Memorial Day, Breslow Partners will celebrate 25 years in business.

Okay, so it always hasn’t been so easy. Our time-honored field has gone through cataclysmic changes due to the revolution in electronic information. The rules of the game were changing every day. With a true passion for what we do, we’ve learned to move with the times and adjust to new ways of working without lowering our standards or compromising our values. Breslow Partners has never been a cookie cutter operation. We never did bland chicken dinners. That’s not our style and that’s not what gets our clients on the front page. We’d rather turn heads by doing something that gets people talking, gets pulses racing – and moves people into the front door. That’s how we put the public back into public relations!

One of our 1st projects was opening the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel in 1985.

A few highlights of the past 25 years …

  • We stopped traffic by wrapping a 20-story hotel in 40,000 sq. ft of ribbon.
  • We warmed hearts by having 800 kids build their dream houses.
  • We started a Philly beer renaissance by having 1,000 people turn up to toast a new brew.
  • We held the Olympic Breakfast of Champions, which raised money for charity while spotlighting a new hotel in Miami.
  • We added a new dimension to the world-renowned Philadelphia Flower Show by creating a series of culinary demonstrations to the mix.
  • We introduced the Borgata brand and transformed the perception of Atlantic City into that of an upscale travel destination.
  • We delighted ice cream lovers up and down the East Coast by introducing Edy’s.
  • We introduced one of the most talented chefs in the city to the national press – and Marc Vetri was named one of Food & Wine magazine’s Best New Chefs!
  • We created the Dinner of the Decade for the James Beard Foundation at The Rittenhouse Hotel.

What’s Next?

It’s hard to say. We’re now a multi-generational family owned and operated business – mother and daughter – so we’ve got the perfect combination of experience and a proven track record, combined with high energy and a clear vision of the future. So, give us a shout out. We’re all ready for the next 25 years, and we hope you’ll be part of the excitement!

It Only Takes A Minette Saturday Cooking Classes at Bistrot La Minette

Experience the art of French bistro cooking with It Only Takes a Minette, a series of four participatory cooking classes taught by Chef Peter Woolsey, of Bistrot La Minette. Monthly classes will be held at the restaurant on Saturdays June 19, July 17, August 14 and September 11. They begin at 10:30 a.m. sharp, cost $40 per person, and are limited to 10 people. Call 215.925.8000 for reservations. Bistrot La Minette is located at 623 S. 6th Street, Philadelphia. www.bistrotlaminette.com.

Shop With The Chef. Saturday, June 19. Meet at the restaurant and then join the chef for a stroll to the Farmers Market where you’ll hand pick the freshest seasonal ingredients. Then you’ll return to the restaurant and join in the preparation of a savory lunch, sure to please your senses.

The Art of Charcuterie. Saturday, July 17. Chef Woolsey will guide you through the art of charcuterie, perfect for entertaining at home. You’ll sample pâtés with foie gras and blood sausage. Learn how to prepare country terrines with fresh duck and veal. And then, the chef will show you the secrets of a professional presentation, complete with condiments and garnishes that will harmonize your plate. This class is perfect for anyone who likes to entertain.

Viva La Pasta. Saturday, August 14. Tortellini. Ravioli. Fettuccini. The French have great applications for our favorite noodles. You’ll learn how to make mouth-watering, hand-crafted pasta at home, and how to dress it with the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Chocolate Indulgence. Saturday, September 11. If you believe in death by chocolate, this class is for you. Following in the footsteps of François Payard and Robert Bennett, Chef Peter Woolsey has mastered the art of chocolate making. And now he’s prepared to share that art with you. He’ll show you how to select the finest chocolate, shape the chocolates into bite size pieces, store them and serve them. Join us for one very sweet class.

Call 215.925.8000 for reservations. Bistrot La Minette is located at 623 S. 6th Street, Philadelphia. www.bistrotlaminette.com.

Serene Cuisine…

Check out Lotus Farm to Table. It’s Courtney Rozsas’s intimate jewel box of a restaurant specializing in healthy, handcrafted dishes by chef David Berg. Everything on the menu is prepared from whole foods the body can digest easily digest, and proportioned so that diners can enjoy multiple courses with lots of variety without feeling over extended. No cream. No butter. Nothing is fried. Only extra virgin olive oil is used in small quantities. A complete tea menu includes a dozen varieties, ranging in flavors from a clear green tea that boosts your mood and calms your nerves, to a rare Anji white tea that boosts the immune system and helps give strong bones. Hungry for some good food? Check it out at 112 West State St. Media, PA 19061. T: 610.565.5554

Light Bites Every Wednesday Night at Bistrot La Minette

Chef Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette, the authentic French bistro in the heart of Queen Village, has just announced a great way to end your day or begin your evening. Every Wednesday night, starting on June 9th, and continuing throughout the summer, the restaurant will feature Bistrot Bites, a series of light menu items, each paired with a beverage, and available for only $10 per person. Order another beverage for $5.

Bistrot Bites are available at the bar and on the outdoor terrace.

On the rotating menu: Pizza and Beer (featuring the restaurant’s famous Alsatian pizza, Flamenküche, and an Alsatian Kronenbourg Beer; A Sandwich and a Rosé (featuring a classic Pan Bagnat, similar to Nicoise salad on hand-made artisan bread) with a glass of Provencal Rosé wine). Other offerings include Wine and Cheese (a French red with your choice from a menu of three cheeses, salad and toast), and Moules Marinière (mussles in white wine, with a tarragon and leek broth), served with a Dagan cider from Normandy. It’s all affordable, and it’s casual, and it adds up to a carefree summer evening out. Bon appétit!

Bistrot La Minette is located at 623 S. 6th Street. For reservations, call 215-925-8000. Visit the restaurant’s web site at www.bistrotlaminette.com

The Wheel Deal Linvilla Orchards Antique Car Show & Flea Market

From Chevy Impalas and Ford Models Ts to Stanley Steamers and Hot Rods, Linvilla’s covered many acres with pristine automobiles that are guaranteed to make your heart race.

Get there early to peruse the flea market filled with a variety of hubcaps, wheel covers, carburetors, crafts, and jewelry, then refuel at the Farm Market or Linvilla Grill.

Housing a classic in your own garage?  Be sure to sign up to be part of the exhibition; your restored beauty could bring home a prize.  Kids can get in on the act too; NASCAR bound babes will love the miniature remote controlled cars, while more laid back types may want to hop on a hayride.

Stop by Linvilla’s character car wash while you are there, anytime from 10 am to 2 pm, all proceeds benefit the American Red Cross Chester-Wallingford Chapter. Whatever you choose to do, everyone’s bound to find something that’s just their speed. This day is sure to be fun for the whole family.

Where: Linvilla Orchards
137 West Knowlton Road, Media, PA
Visit Linvilla for details
When: May 16 (Sun.) 9 am-4 pm
Flea market opens at 8 am