When Bloggers Seafood, They Eat It!

We recently hosted a group of bloggers at Phillips Seafood Restaurant in Atlantic City and this is what one of them had to say…

John and Lisa are Eating in South Jersey

John and I had our first experience at Phillips many years ago at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. The seafood was tops, it was located right on the water, and was a great place to eat once you exhausted the (albeit wonderful) possibilities of brown paper-covered tables and wooden mallets. A few years ago, when Phillips first opened at The Pier in Atlantic City, we decided to check it out, to see if it was the same. While the quality of the seafood was still very good, the attention to detail in the prep was not: sand and grit materialized in our mouths while we were trying to enjoy the shellfish. When you live at the Jersey Shore and have over a gazillion seafood places to choose from, you might choose to avoid that in the future. So, sadly, we never made our way back.

Last Wednesday, Phillips beckoned to us again.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_lt08knU6nP0/S_vqDlQ-5LI/AAAAAAAABP4/pvEyZ9YcFos/s1600/Phillips+dinner+004.jpgWell, actually, we were invited to be treated (re: a disclosure, this was offered to us gratis) to a special food blogger’s dinner that showcased Phillips’s shellfish. As we had already exhausted the babysitting grandparents the previous week, it was my turn to fly solo for the blog. In addition to being offered a plethora of seafood, I was thrilled to share it with some of our favorite blogger friends (Lisa from Jersey Girl Cooks and Alex of A Food Coma) and to make a few new friends in the process (Erin of No Love More Sincere and Elaine of Elle Eats) . Read more.

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