Tasty Election Poll Predicting Obama takes Chestnut Hill!

The Republican Convention occurred last week and had the media buzzing with excitement over Mitt Romney. However, Chestnut Hill’s Night Kitchen
Bakery did not feel any impact. Romney cookies are still down in sales with only thirteen percent sold! The Obama cookies have been flying out the door! We so look forward to seeing how this weeks Democratic
Convention impacts the sales! We are guessing that it will boost the Obama
votes even more! 


Night Kitchen Bakery has been baking their delicious shortbread cookies decorated for Obama and Romney all month, and will continue through Election Day! What better way to cast your vote than with cookies? Your
kids will love them too! Get the little ones involved in the election process through a sweet tasting treat, sparking great conversation on the way home! So far, the Obama cookies have been sweeping the poll. stay tuned for any changes!  View the results right on Night Kitchen Bakery’s store-front window or by signing into Night Kitchen’s Facebook page.

About Night Kitchen Bakery. Proprietor Amy Edelman and her staff of professional pastry artisans are creating delectable edibles daily at the bakery, located at 7725 Germantown Avenue. The bakery now features a 20-seat café that serves breakfast and lunch. For more information, visit www.NightKitchenBakery.com; for orders call (215) 248-9235.

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