Celebrating National Pie Day!

Picture 1In past times they’ve been called pyes, and have been stuffed with meat. The Pilgrims cooked them because it helped to preserve the filling through the winter months. Modern pies include a variety of fillings from pecan or pumpkin to apple or blueberry. Pies became popular in America in the 1800s and now even have their own day! Linvilla Orchards is celebrating The American Pie Council’s National Pie Day today through Sunday, January 27!

There will be more than 40 different pies available during this event. Several variations of America’s favorite apple pie will be included, along with peach and other traditional fruit fillings.  Numerous cream pies will also be presented. Come sample over forty-years of pie baking at Linvilla Orchards. As a special gift to visitors, Linvilla Orchards will be giving away a FREE Pumpkin Pie with the purchase of any other pie variety.

To learn more, call 610.876.7116 or visit Linvilla at 137 W. Knowlton Road in Media, PA www.linvilla.com.

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