Passion, Zeal and Feury To Hit The Beard House

Patrick1The Beard House will know who cut the cheese on Friday, February 8. That’s when Chef Patrick Feury of Nectar Restaurant in Berwyn will cook at the famous house in New York City with his usual passion for natural game, meat, fish, and poultry. Feury, who is especially interested in cheese, studied in Paris working with dairy farmers and later in a cheese cave at a fromagerie. More recently, he received his certification as an artesian cheese-maker. And because of his close ties with neighboring farmers in Chester County, he wants to ensure that the area will soon be recognized as a culinary promise land.

That’s the reason why Feury has invited his Chester County farmers to collaborate on a dinner at the Beard House. In addition, Chester Victory Brewing Company and J. Maki Winery will provide beverages for the occasion. Tickets cost $130 for James Beard Foundation members and $170 for non-members. To purchase a ticket or check out the menu, click on this link.

For those unable to attend the Beard event, the chef will be recreating the dinner at Nectar. For details, call the restaurant at 610.725.9000. Nectar restaurant is a celestial blend of amazing food, stunning décor and an unwavering dedication to sustainability. With a focus on sustainable ingredients, the menu ranges from the freshest sushi, to organically raised poultry and produce, to locally produced fresh cheeses.

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