Tips from Tavro 13 on eating alone at the bar this Valentine’s Day

Picture 3Stuck without a special someone on Valentine’s Day? Why not pull up a stool at your favoriteĀ bar? You won’t be lonely if you take a seat at Tavro 13’s expansive, handcrafted bar. Here are a few tips from Tavro’s bartenders to consider when eating alone.

Take a seatĀ 

Sit close to other patrons and make sure you have access to the bartender.

Order a drink

Ask the bartender if you could see information on the restaurant’s specialty cocktails, craft brews, and wine menus.

Ask questions

Ask the bartender which cocktails are the most popular and they’ll be happy to share. Or, ask neighbors about their favorites. Then ask to look at the bar menu. All of your questions will give you some time to think about what to order and get to know others.

Have fun!

Once you have a cocktail in hand, make sure you relax and have fun. Keep chatting with the bartenders and other patrons. We guarantee this Valentine’s Day you’ll feel right at home at Tavro 13’s bar.

But don’t just trust us, call the restaurant and reserve a seat. You’ll see for yourself first-hand how much fun you can have at Tavro’s bar.

Gus Tzitzifas, proprietor of Tavro 13, built a restaurant, bar and lounge where people could eat some of the Philadelphia region’s best cuisine in the fine dining room, sip pre-Prohibition era cocktails at the bar, or let loose and have fun in the lounge! Gus wanted everyone to be able to choose the environment they’re most comfortable in, even when eating alone.

Tavro 13 is located at 1301 Kings Highway, Swedesboro, NJ, just 30 minutes from Philadelphia. For more information, visit or call 856.467.8413.

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