It’s A Hard Job But…

pudding box Ever since we learned that Night Kitchen Bakery owner Amy Edelman was going to launch a line of homemade puddings, we at Breslow Partners were dying to try some.  We had scheduled food drops at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Food & Wine magazine and a couple of other places. And to reward all of our good work, Amy dropped off a box of samples. We couldn’t wait to rip the lids off and dig right in!

Pudding JulieThey were even more delicious than we could have ever dreamed. Tina loved the key lime pudding with graham crust and meringue. But Julie and Jules couldn’t get enough of the sticky toffee: a traditional date cake soaked and topped with caramel sauce. But it wasn’t long before all the puddings were gone and we were greedily wishing for more. Mmm mm good!

We can’t thank you enough for letting us try your puddings, Amy, but we think we might need to conduct further testing!

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