Breslow Partners Team Member Gives Back to the Community

The city of Philadelphia, as well as the country and the world at large have seen the profound impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak firsthand. Breslow Partners is no exception, as the industries in which we specialize, hospitality and restaurants, have suffered astronomically throughout the outbreak.

Seeing this impact on our industry and many others, Max Raiken, an Account Manager at Breslow Partners, decided to spring into action and do what he could to slow the spread of the outbreak.

Alongside his mom Courtney, Max decided to head to the sewing machine and start making and distributing masks. The family’s purpose is multifaceted. They wanted to help the community by providing protection for those conducting essential duties, but they also wanted to contribute to the nearby Cooper University Hospital, where a member of the Breslow family, Brett Breslow, was recovering from COVID-19.

The Raikens are donating 100% of the proceeds from the custom masks to Cooper University Hospital, the Food Bank of South Jersey, and other organizations supporting those in need during COVID-19. So far, they have sold hundreds of masks in all different styles. Some of the Breslow Partners team has already purchased masks so they can social distance in style. To purchase your own mask and support The Raiken’s cause, please visit @justcgifts on Facebook or Instagram.

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